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Roll up a hand towel and put it behind your neck as pillow support a small thing that makes a difference. Whichever it is, lying somewhere warm so that your muscles can relax and your mind can unwind is not something to skip on. Assistance and Services in Your Area. Give each other makeovers. Go to Series Main Page. Beach vacation ideas. Enjoy a treatment or two Make this part of your bath time ritual. The Classic Contemporary Lookbook. Interior Trends for Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 89, times. Learn More. Learn more. Remember food and drinks Food and drink is central to a wonderful night in with the girls. Photo Frames.

Assistance and Services in Your Area. Include bowls for soaking hands and feet during mani-pedis. The Outdoor Collection. Lighting by Room. Or let's be honest, champagne. First things first, hair up, bra off and get the comfy clothes on. While you let the masks dry, listen to music or chat. You can also smear the masks on each other. So, what do you need for a girls night in? State Guides.


Set out towels for mani-pedis, facials, and hair conditioning. Use an oil diffuser to permeate the air with aromatherapy oils. Create a Hygge Haven. Part of the beauty of sharing our pamper night ideas is so that this awkwardness is eliminated. Navigate All Kinds of Connections. Think about where these treatments can happen. Where is my membership card? Replenish snacks and drinks when they are running low. Explore this Article parts. Amplify the benefits of a good soak by adding some fragrant bath salts or gels like Dr. Shop my L'Occitane Favorites:. Nothing is as soothing as a Chamomile tea, or an extremely chocolatey hot chocolate with a mountain of whipped cream. Dining Room.

Girls Night In Ideas: How to Have The Ultimate Girls’ Pamper Night In

  • A compendium for luxury living.
  • Wash your faces and smear on the face masks.
  • You can use warm water and a mild soap or you can make a relaxing soak from scratch.
  • Dining Tables.
  • CVS; Ulta Beauty 2.

Staying in is the new going out! Am I right? Next time you and your friends get together, spend the night pampering yourselves! I teamed up with L'Occitane to give you some ideas and tips on how to easily host a pampering night for your girlfriends. Ready to relax with your girlfriends? Here are seven tips and ideas to help you plan your next at-home ladies' night. First things first, hair up, bra off and get the comfy clothes on. Tell your girlfriends to show up in their comfy clothes——jammies, a tee, a robe, whatever you feel super comfy in. I always provide slippers for them once they arrive. Nothing says relaxation like sweats and fluffy slippers. Set the mood with music. Create a Spotify playlist so you can always have a go-to list for relaxing but upbeat tunes! This is my playlist for Summer ! Candles and lots of them. Aromatherapy is real! My current fave is this one. Deck out the bar cart with fluffy towels, sliced cucumbers, and other spa-night necessities. Nothing is as soothing as a Chamomile tea, or an extremely chocolatey hot chocolate with a mountain of whipped cream.

Book any treatment to get a complimentary 3-month Beauty Pie membership. From at home spa treatmentsto the little touches that make for a relaxing and memorable night. For the ultimate relaxation, pamper night ideas, we recommend that you embrace the idea of getting someone else in to do the pampering, or at least some of it. Book at-home spa treatments and have a therapist do manicures and pedicures whilst another therapist is carrying out massages or facials. Think about pamper night ideas these treatments can happen. Meanwhile, the manicures and pedicures could perhaps take place in the living room where everyone is.

Pamper night ideas. 10 Tips for a Perfect DIY Spa Night

Women have unique health needs and risks. Pamper night ideas more. Car rental. Hotels with AARP discounts. Life Insurance. AARP en Español. Close Menu. Health Benefits. Staying Fit. Your Personalized Guide to Fitness. Ways To Improve Your Hearing.

Relax and revitalize with this monthly at-home regimen

These are the best pamper night essentials to create a spa-like sanctuary at home. Do all ten for the ultimate pamper session or pick out the ones that you like the sound of most, then rest, relax and savour every moment. Pamper nights are at their best when you take the time to do some scene setting.

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